Personal Financial Planning

It is difficult for individuals to view their own finances and the options they have objectively. By offering unbiased financial advice and education, Edna assists you in making smarter decisions. Her services are available as needed or on an on-going basis.

  • Comprehensive financial planning: There are many aspects of personal finances and it is important to look at the total picture rather than focusing on one aspect.
  • Cash Flow Review: Understanding current Income/expenses and reviewing options to meet your goals (It is not how much you earn but how you manage it.)
  • Review of current investments and/or review of investment proposals from other firms.
  • Asset Allocation of investments: Diversification is important.

Complimentary Consultation

There is no charge for your initial first hour consultation. Discover how Edna’s financial coaching could benefit you. Make an appointment today!

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Transition Planning

Finances are often overwhelming and emotional when life-changing events occur suddenly or in the future.

  • Loss of a spouse: This is a challenging time when decision making is very difficult.
  • Retirement Strategies including distributions-Your retirement years can last 20-30 years and it is important to know how and if your finances will support your lifestyle.
  • Financial Planning for Divorce: Most people who get a divorce do not think of the financial ramifications of their actions until it is too late. Edna assists individuals through the adversarial or collaborative divorce process.
  • Adversarial Process: Edna represents one party assisting with current and future cash flow issues (income and expenses), liquidity and debt, Division of assets, tax issues and retirement planning (Pensions and QDROS).
  • Collaborative Process: As a neutral collaborative professional, Edna assists both parties and their collaborative team with the financial aspects including cash flow scenarios, marital assets and liability inventory and projected values.